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Bestselling true-crime writer Ron Franscell continues
his intriguing exploration of significant places
in American crime history by going home to the
wildest places in the Wild West -- the Rockies!

The Crime Buff's Guide to


'The best damn crime travel series ever published!'

Just like the popular CRIME BUFF'S GUIDE TO OUTLAW TEXAS, this quirky and fascinating travel book literally takes you to the scene of the crime with photos, maps, histories and GPS coordinates! From the Wild Bunch and Tom Horn to Columbine and Ted Bundy, OUTLAW ROCKIES promises to be a headlong romp through the criminal history in the heart of the Rockies. Put it on your 2011 Christmas gift list for the true-crime and history lover in your family!

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"The Crime Buff's Guide to The Outlaw Rockies is a fascinating and macabre tour of crime locations and criminal acts where the body count is as high as the altitude. Readers will be reminded that the Wild West was really wild -- and that it still is. Ron Franscell is a thorough and unflinching guide. This book is hard to put down and voyeurs with GPS units should be both thrilled ... and weirded out at times."

— C.J. Box, New York Times bestselling author

"Ron Franscell knows where the bodies are buried!"

"As a crime writer, Ron Franscell knows the feeling well ... to understand a crime, you have to do more than just read about it in a book or hear about it in a history class. You have to go there."

"One of the best true crime writers going today, Ron Franscell has provided in OUTLAW ROCKIES a fascinating guide to help true crime buffs locate the crime scenes that made the Old Wild West wild, as well as those of the most notorious of modern day homicides. In a lengthy series of well-written 'mini-stories' that also provides the GPS coordinates and addresses, OUTLAW ROCKIES takes the adventurous reader on a historical tour from the haunts of Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch to the Denver home of a radio shock jock gunned down by white supremacists. I can imagine legions of true crime fans with Franscell's book in hand standing in these places, contemplating in real life what the characters of history saw and experienced."
— Steve Jackson, bestselling author of MONSTER

"Truly orginal in style by combining short stories for crime lovers with a easy-to-follow travel guide, Ron Franscell's [CRIME BUFF'S GUIDE] books just can't be topped."
— Kim Cantrell, Editor of TrueCrimeBookReviews.com

"Imagine a place bound by isolation, where an unforgiving landscape surrounds you at all points of the compass, and sometimes the only thing between you and death is how fast you can draw your gun. Imagine that, and you’ve got a picture of what life may have been like in the Old West that Ron Franscell chronicles in OUTLAW ROCKIES."
— Craig (Colo.) Daily Press

"Part of the fun of this book is that crime buffs can visit the sites where outlaws roamed and madams plied their trade and vigilantes often lynched the baddest of the bad. GPS coordinates are given so the reader can drive straight to the scenes of many famous (and infamous) crimes. ... Buy it, you’ll love it."
— Crime author Robert A. Waters

Praise for OUTLAW TEXAS (2010):

"The ultimate guilty pleasure book."
— Columnist Scott Stroud, San Antonio Express-News

"The research in this book is simply amazing! Ron Franscell has basically re-mapped Texas, specifically pinpointing where all of our most notorious outlaws lived, performed their gruesome deeds, and died. On top of that, he's uncovered riveting stories about outlaws in far away corners of the state that very few us even knew about. For everyone interested in Texas' great outlaw past, this is an indispensable guide."
— Skip Hollandsworth, executive editor of Texas Monthly

"Texas has more than its share of unforgettable crime stories that cover a full range of human emotions-from the tragically comical to the unspeakably horrific. None of those stories can be fully understood without the context of place and Ron Franscell's OUTLAW TEXAS, an effective combination of interesting stories, directions, and GPS coordinates, gives us the "what and where" necessary to understand our uniquely Texan true crime heritage."
— Gary Lavergne, bestselling author of "A Sniper in the Tower" and "Bad Boy from Redbud"

"Gifted crime writer Ron Franscell takes you along on an absolutely fascinating road trip. And along the way, be prepared to often hear yourself saying, 'Damn, I didn't know that!'"
— Carlton Stowers, dean of Texas true crime and Edgar-winning author of "To The Last Breath" and "Careless Whispers"

"Can't wait to fire up my GPS. A fascinating trek through Texas crime."
— Kathryn Casey, author of the Texas true crimes "Shattered" and "Descent into Hell"

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The Crime Buff's Guide to the Outlaw Rockies

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